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  • About Advent

    Unlike conventional children's museums, Advent specializes in creating mini-museums that travel around the world.


    The Advent team is a group of passionate education reformers who believe that meaningful exposures to the real world should be provided to every child. Interactive exhibitions built on rigorous real-world content is one of the best ways to give children a knowledgeable, unforgettable, exciting, and fun enjoyable adventure in their early childhood.


    We create original installations, or adapt existing exhibits into interactive form, and ship them to places around the globe for children to experience, starting from cities in China. Features of Advent's mobile mini-museums include:

  • Connect

    with the real world


    with narratives to follow


    with questions to explore


    with wisdom worldwide

  • 2021 Science In The Park

    @ Chengdu, China

  • Ongoing Exhibition

    February to April 2021

    Science In The Park Exhibition


    "Science In The Park", the collaborative exhibition with Dr. Chris Ferrie, has been launched at Advent Lab in Shihao Plazza in Chengdu, China in February 2021. Chris Ferrie is a Canadian physicist, mathematician, researcher, children's book author and academic consultant of Advent Children's Museum. His early work "Quantum Physics for Babies" was recommended by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook post.


    By playing with devices in exhibition, Children would be able to develop an understanding of scientific research methods, such as comparison, speculation, and verification. Science can be fun and playful. Kinetic energy, acceleration, gravity and friction, these basics can be acquired by playing!

  • Recent Work

    Su Tungpo: National Idol

    Ancient Poetry

    Why Su Tungpo was a "national Idol"? Through 10 immersive exhibition areas and 20 interactive games, the exhibition enables children to become familiar with the interesting and fun side of Su Tungpo and experience the beauty of poetry.

    Surviving the Planet

    Life Science

    What do animals need to live on this planet? How do they obtain these surviving essential? This exhibit explores different ways animals eat, drink, and secure safety. Children are assigned a task to save an animal of their choice with knowledge learned from the exhibits.

    Art History 101


    From cave to modern abstract installations, the history of art is a vivid illustration of human activity and the changing environment. Art History 101 is an exhibition that takes children through these artworks in interactive format.

    Build Grand, Start Small


    How are homes built? This exhibition aims to address children's desire to design and build. Children need to first learn how to draw plane diagrams to blueprints that will be transformed into a 3D shape, then learn about the different building materials and structures.

  • Upcoming

    A Dinosaur

    Knocks On The Door

    Life Science

    If a dinosaur came to visit us, how can we keep it? Where should it sleep? What would it eat? What if it got sick? How could we have fun togather? From one question to another, learn its physical features & living habit.

  • Recent Destinations



    Located in the 1st Advent Lab in Shihao Plaza, a destination mall in Chengdu, China.



    Located in the Mix City, a destination mall in Nanning, China.



    Located in the MixC World, a destination mall in Shenzhen, China. Cooperating with Shenzhen Women & Children Foundation, Advent Children's Museum helped children from 50 families to fulfill their small wishes as New Year gifts.



    Located in the MixC World, a destination mall in Shenzhen, China.



    Located in an orphanage school in Changchun, Jilin Province. Partnering with ADREAM foundation (ranked as the most transparent foundation in China by Forbes China), Advent's exhibits have travelled to orphanage schools in over 20 cities in China.



    Located in an international school sponsored by Huawei. Students and teachers also use the accompanying curricula to gain deeper understanding of the exhibition materials.